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Abingdon TheaterNew York, NY, United States

Abingdon Theater, Saturday, August 20, 10:00 AM -10:00 PM

Saturday, August 20, 2011, 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Abingdon Theater, 312 W, 36 St, 2nd Floor 10018, New York, NY 10018
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10 AM/11:30 AM

Nemesis (30 m, Denmark)
Dir. by J. Troelstrup
Genres: Drama, Children Live Action, Coming of Age
Synopsis: Thomas, also known as 'Wanky' often disappears to the toilet during class. The other boys in the class are puzzled. Especially Lasse has crazy theories about what is going on in that toilet. He decides together with HT and Torp to teach Wanky a lesson. But Lasse has misunderstood the situation. A misunderstanding with fatal consequences.

Surveillant (17 m, France)
Dir. by Y. Giroux
Genres: Drama, Coming of Age , Independent, Docu-Drama, Art, Personal Narrative, Social Issue
Synopsis: Its another quiet summer day in Park Dufresne. The neighborhood youth loiter around the park until a new park monitor appears for his first day of work. Two universes clash and a territorial struggle begins.

My Father is a wonderful Man (17 m, Australia)
Dir. by A. Johnson
Genres: Family, Drama, Personal Narrative, Biography
Synopsis:It's the Summer of 1958 when Andrew meets Geuke, a boy two years older whose family has just migrated from Holland.
Geuke has a commanding way about him and quickly earns Andrew's admiration. As the holidays pass the boys become closer. Andrew, an only child, is intrigued by the world of his older friend. He is welcomed into the family, sharing a meal with Geuke's parents and four other siblings.
The summer stretches out before them - endless days to be spent exploring the coastline together. But, a tragic accident is just around the corner...

Running in Circles (16'30 m, Israel)
Dir. by L. Zilberberg
Genres: Drama

12 PM/1:30 PM

Mish Mush (Apricots) (18'43 m, Syria/Canada)
Dir. by Q. Chebib
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Independent, Dramedy, Culture, Art, Spiritual, Social Issue
Synopsis: Upon being drafted for military service, Ahmad, a determined young Syrian poet, decides to flee the country.

Azazel (6'30 m, Denmark)
Dir. by L. T. Therkildsen
Genres: Drama, Romance, Neo-noir, Mystery
Synopsis: A photographer (Thomas) returns from a mysterious job, to find out that his apartment has been emptied and his girlfriend (Anna) has disappeared.

Kono Kishi No Koto (On This Side) (29'58 m, Japan)
Dir. by B. Sotoyama
Genres: Family, Drama, Educational, Coming of Age , Reality, Silent Film, Culture, Social Issue, Health/Medical
Synopsis:A non-dialog story, depicting couples attempting suicide, by themselves at a lakeside, flush with memories after elder-to-elder nursing care.

The Family Man (7'36 m, USA)
Dir. by K. Richter
Genres: Drama, Thriller, Independent, Mystery
Synopsis: A man returns home to confront a stranger in his house and learns truths about his life that will change him and his family forever.

Psyche on Melrose (11'41 m, USA)
Dir. by D. Van Bebber
Genres: Comedy
Synopsis: An unsuspecting family is served up a healthy portion of group therapy at 'Psyche on Melrose,' the hottest new restaurant in L.A., where all the waiters are trained and licensed clinical psychologists. Their dining experience turns out to be anything but a 'Happy Meal.'

Bump (19 m, USA)
Dir. by R. Lee
Genres: Alternative, Drama, Avant-garde, Neo-noir, Urban, Art
Synopsis: A man wakes up with an unknown woman in unknown surroundings. He struggles to put the pieces together of the night before, trying to figure out how he met her and who he wants to be.

2/3:30 PM

American Bomber: the John William Hidell Story (22m, USA)
Dir. by E. Trenkamp
Genres: Drama, Thriller, Independent, Mockumentary, Social Issue
Synopsis: 'American Bomber: The John William Hidell Story,' a short, documentary-style film that explores the life and death of the first American born and raised suicide bomber.

Enterrats (11m, Spain)
Dir. by A. Lorca Cercos
Genres: Alternative, Drama, Educational, Underground, Avant-garde, B-movie, Deconstruction, Fantasy, Human Rights, Independent, Magical Realism, Post Modern, Transgender, Environmental, Urban, Culture
Synopsis: In a city... year 2010...There’s no choice to find a flat on the entirely town. Three characters will try to find an alternative place to rest in peace…

Maybe... (9'06 m, Portugal)
Dir. by P. M. Resende
Genres: Romance, Fantasy, Romantic Comedy, Dramedy, Reality, Adventure
Synopsis: What happens when a single cup of coffee is not enough?

Esha (14'04 m, Canada)
Dir. by R. Dahya
Genres: Drama
Synopsis: A chance meeting in a coffee shop that is way more interesting than it sounds.

I Call Shotgun! (8'26 m, USA)
Dir. by B. Benders
Genres: Alternative, Comedy, Romance, Thriller, B-movie, Independent, Road Trip
Synopsis: A dark and funny love story about two deranged individuals meeting on the road and falling in love, despite clashing personalities and psychoses.

War Times in a Modern World (4'33 m, USA)
Dir. K. Shinozaki
Genres: Fantasy, Surreal, War, Satire, Social Issue, News
Synopsis: In a time of advanced technologies, we surround ourselves with entertainments, products, and luxury to avoid reality. This is a satirical piece that observes and criticizes the society which we live in. It is a metaphorical piece where a diner (home) is literally set in the middle of a battlefield, but the people inside the diner doesn't even realize the the fact and just live out their lives in luxury without noticing. It is a statement that we must free ourselves from this bubble of distraction and controlled media and gossip.

Life's Poison (18'58 m, USA)
Dir. M. D. Lee
Genres: Family, Drama, Educational, Coming of Age , Independent, Urban, Social Issue
Synopsis: At 18, Eliyah Howard thinks he knows what it means to be a real man. He learned nearly everything from his abusive father. But family, love, and tragedy test the lessons he inherited. Is it too late for Eliyah to re-define what a real man is?

4/5:30 PM

Self Help (17 m, UK)
Dir. by J. Page
Genres: Alternative, Comedy, Drama, Coming of Age , Independent, Personal Narrative
Synopsis: A lonely oddball, crippled by insecurity, attends a seminar given by his idol, a brash motivational speaker John Power, in the hopes of changing his isolated life

TGIF (10 m, Australia)
Dir. by B. Lien
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Independent
Synopsis: The story of Claire, a girl in love, lost amidst the uncertainties of modern communication.

Short Memory (9 m, Lebanon)
Dir. by M. Khneisser
Genres: Drama, Human Rights, Independent, War, Docu-Drama, History
Synopsis: Beirut, 7th August 2006. Children are playing inside a building in the neighborhood of Chiyah without worrying about the war that surrounds them...

Senses (15 m, Egypt)
Dir. by M. Ramadan

Fly While Arab (10 m, Lebanon)
Dir. by F. Jouni
Genres: Drama, Independent
Synopsis: Youssof Fakher (James Sayess), a young Lebanese Film Producer in New York City is held for questioning for being a new entry on The No Fly List. Youssof finds himself in an interrogation room with Agent Lewis (Mike Batayeh).
The accusations and revelations put both men face to face on the edges of prejudice.

Little Christine (16 m, USA)
Dir. by T. Strauss
Genres: Drama, Romance, Coming of Age , Independent, Reality, Social Issue, Mystery
Synopsis: A short film made in New York City and New Jersey about a runaway girl named Christine and her relationship with a traveling businessman.

6/7:30 PM

Dante's World (12 m, USA)
Dir. K. Narducci
Genres: Short, Drama, Spiritual, Independent
Synopsis: Resentment Kill's Hope Heal's

Frozen Souls (12 m, Italy)
Dir. by I. Borelli & G. Freddi
Genres: Drama, Human Rights, War
Synopsis: An Afghan woman captures an American soldier in order to get back her son...

Flat Tire (24 m, USA)
Dir. by M. Koinange
Genres: Drama
Synopsis: A stranded woman with a flat in the middle of nowhere. She is at the mercy of three men. Good Samaritans or villains? Who do you trust?

Invertebrate (13'35 m, UK)
Dir. by J. McAleer
Genres: Alternative, Sci-Fi, Nature, Avant-garde, B-movie, Cult, Independent, Wildlife, Post Modern, Surreal, Environmental, Science, Urban, Art, Social Issue, Music
Synopsis: When the end comes, it will not be the strongest, nor the most intelligent species that will survive. It will be the species that can adapt to change that will dominate the Earth...
Real Insects, Real Drama, No CGI.

Renascence (21 m, Argentina)
Dir. by D. Solari
Genres: Short, Drama
Synopsis: Adela is a painter teacher who recently divorced and feels a great sorrow. She had had a terrible nightmare that will happen. She show the positive effects on searching peace of a way of living.

8/10 PM

Jackie Goldberg Private Dick (90 m, USA)
Dir. by S. Moskovic
Genres: Comedy, Crime, Action
Synopsis: Jackie Goldberg is at the end of his career as a private detective until fate brought him an unlikely partner, 16 year old Mateo Rodriguez. Jackie and Mateo embark on a journey to exonerate Mateo's mother and bring the 'bad guy' to justice. Jackie Goldberg Private Dick is packed with plot twists and turns and a star studded cast that is sure to leave you laughing long after you've left the theater.

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